Liquid  vs. Granular Fertizers

dry_granLiquid Fertilizers

They tend to stick to the leaf’s surface and can be less effective due to breakdown by sunlight, wind drift, or washed away by rain, or mowed off and removed with clippings. Quick release fertilizers can promote “surge growth” rather than gradual feeding and balanced growth. They can have a shorter period of greenness and a greater potential to “burn” grass.

liquidGranular Fertilizers

Down To Earth dry, granular fertilizers drop to the soil surface where nutrients are taken into the plant through the roots – as they are needed. This dry granular system virtually eliminates the possibility of nutrients being mowed or washed away. Granules act like tiny time capsules releasing nitrogen as temperature, moisture, and micro organisms slowly break down the granules. This leads to longer-lasting greenness and a more regular mowing schedule.